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Child rights violations - Protection and Prevention mechanisms

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Child rights violations - Protection and
Prevention mechanisms

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In a world that is rapidly changing, children are faced with complex challenges and unprecedented opportunities. It is to be accepted that still in Sri Lanka there exist Social and cultural norms that tolerate emotional, physical and sexual violence against children.

Despite their best intentions, many parents and caregivers cannot properly identify and respond to threats to the safety and protection of their children. Children with disabilities are particularly at risk. A general lack of awareness in this area has resulted in these abuses.

Further, parents, teachers and children are often unaware of how to access and utilize child protection services even if a violation is experienced. Although there are a massive number of child abuse cases reported, going forward coordination mechanisms and avenues for referral of child protection cases have been developed in Sri Lanka .

C4 Legal Speakers

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Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa

Attorney At Law

Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Law, University of Colombo
Speaker Image 2

Preethika Sakalasooriya

Attorney At Law

Preethika Sakalasooriya

Director (Legal)
National Child Protection
Speaker Image 3

Menaka Herath

Attorney At Law

Menaka Herath

Director (Education & Special Programs)
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka
Speaker Image 4

Samanthie Jayamanna

Attorney At Law Moderator

Samanthie Jayamanna



Through this webinar you will be able to raise your awareness and get answers to the following questions from eminent resource persons / panelists

  • Who is the childWho is the child and how has child protection come into force ? (International and national legal framework)
  • For an abused childHow and from where can an abused child seek redress or make a complaint? ( procedure to lodge a complaint / contact numbers )
  • What is the processWhat is the process taking place after lodging a complaint?
  • security and confidentialityHow much security and confidentiality is maintained if a 3rd party complaint about abuse/violence against a child is made?
  • teach a child about abuseWhat is the simple and best way to teach a child about abuse in order to prevent that abuse from continuing?
  • What are some examples of-successful interventionsWhat are successful interventions of the National Child Protection Authority in child abuse cases.?
  • What role does the human rights commission protects child rights?How human rights commission play in protectings the rights of a child? (use of fundamental rights jurisdiction to protect the child )
  • How to lodge a complaintHow to lodge a complaint in the Human Rights Commission on inaction by the police ?


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