Panelists Detail

Kate Norton

Roma Ranasinghe


Is an Attorney at Law, with over 20 years experience in practice and human rights oriented multi-disciplinary projects. Throughout the years of her professional work at IOM, she has gained valuable expertise in Counter Human Trafficking. She was involved in providing technical assistance in establishing the NAHTTF (National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force) at the Ministry of Justice and assisting in developing the SOP in identification, protection and referral of victims of trafficking in Sri Lanka.

As the Senior Project Coordinator Counter Trafficking Legal at IOM, she facilitated, conducted and developed training material and training programmes for the Law enforcement agencies, NGOs and Judicial medical officers of Sri Lanka.

Roma was also actively involved in providing livelihood support and legal assistance to VOTs. She has worked for Transparency International Sri Lanka on an Anti Corruption Project for the public sector of Sri Lanka and as a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Specialist on CORE JUSTICE USAID Rule of Law Project. She also worked at UNHCR on interviewing and assessing asylum cases and conducting Best Interest Determination (BID) interviews and drafting BID assessments on unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.

Currently she is working as a Freelance consultant for the Ministry of Justice, IOM, ILO and NGOs & CBOs on counter trafficking documenting, labour migration documenting and training. She has presented papers at International Conferences on Human Trafficking and Gender.