Panelists Detail

Kate Norton

Himalee Kularathna

Attorney At Law

Is an Attorney at Law in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka having a membership in the Sri Lanka Bar Association, with over 15 years’ experience in the practice. She is presently a visiting lecturer in Law to various organizations including the University of Colombo on matters relating to International Human Rights Law and Public International Law, she has also lectured for various programs developed by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka as well as being a founding partner at ‘Your Voice’, which is a legal awareness movement.

Throughout the years of her professional work she has worked as an Independent-Non-executive Director and a member of the Committee on Human Resources and Remuneration at The Finance Company PLC, Sri Lanka, and as a research assistant to the late judge professor C. G. Weeramantry, Former Vice President of the International Court of Justice as well as experience in the United Kingdom at a Solicitor firm with regard to Criminal Law work.

Himalee is also actively involved in developing and introducing legal awareness programs for any vulnerable group in society with a special focus on Child and Women’s rights, through development of workshops through the organization ‘Your Voice.’